31 August 2020

Decorative idea for an autumn Scandinavian style tea party

By Christopher Brickell

This time we would like to tell you about Scandinavian style tea party. Hurry up, before the autumn has not yet fully entered into its rights, to try a few more techniques of decoration of your homestead.

Scandinavian style tea party

In parallel with how you will enjoy the decoration, we ask you to make a list of items that would be necessary to equip such a paradise Scandinavian style tea party. The minimum is a blanket on which you can have a tea party surrounded by beautiful cotton fabrics and soft lace. Perhaps you will find some pillows, a plaid and a small table that could be adapted for both candlesticks (or radio) and food.

Basic decoration of Scandinavian style tea party

To the basis of Scandinavian style tea you can already add what is free specifically you have. Maybe you have a chair or dining table. Or even an old bed or a small couch from which you can make a full lounge area.

Scandinavian style tea party

The main thing in Scandinavian design is that at any scale you can achieve a fabulous effect of fairytale at the expense of small decorative objects. Imagine how much children will love such a place and how much joy they will have on their faces!

Such a unique place to relax can be made practically with your own hands: at least look at the canopy above the couch. All it took was long branches and fabric. And homemade ice cream, nicely put in cups? I’m sure you can do that, too.

Few ideas for a Scandinavian style tea party

1. With blankets or warm blankets, you’ll feel warm, it will increase your time outdoors. They can be used as a rug next to your couch or dinner table. Plenty of pillows, chairs and ottoman may seem unnecessary, especially for a small group of people, but this way you will have plenty of options to use your space, which increases your ability to stay all day for a Scandinavian style tea party.

Scandinavian style tea party
2. Environmental materials must be present everywhere. You should not use plastic in any way during such a picnic. It is certainly convenient, but the atmosphere of the event will be spoiled.

3. Apart from the usual Scandinavian minimalistic style, you may recall the stylized decoration of tea parties to the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland”. There is a charm in that bright phantasmagoria, just like in this white kingdom.

4. Do not forget about the branches of the trees, which can also be decorated: a garland of fabric, homemade art object or a garland. Bending over the dining table, such a branch will create a fabulous mood of being in the magical world.

Scandinavian style tea party

5. Don’t forget practical things such as a trash bin (especially if you intend to get far from your garden), towels, all the necessary dishes and scissors and scotch tape with a rope. You can be a perfect decorator, but something can break at the most inconvenient moment, and with a set of tools you can finish everything quickly.

6. Remember that fabrics can also be used in different colours, not necessarily white. You can hang at least all the colors of the rainbow, but a combination of two or three colors will look more stylish. For example, pink with yellow, blue with grey, light green and peach, purple and violet will be good combinations. You can add white or black to these colors if you want

7. Cocoa, coffee aand sweets will look good on the table in this environment. Cakes, muffins and Rakhat Akum can be more than just food, they can be another decorative element if you wish. Also do not forget about lemonade, different varieties of which can be poured into small glass bottles and put in a row.

Scandinavian style tea party