Pine Ophir
30 September 2020

Pine Ophir, growing experience

By Christopher Brickell

I’d like to share my experince with pine Ophir. In 2016, I thought of building a coniferous corner on my site, and I began to choose plants for it: junipers, thuja, spruce, pines, When we began to form an order for spring 2017, one of the girls offered to pay attention to the mountain pine Ophir. Seeing it in the photo on the Internet, I fell in love with it from the first time and forever!

This little girl (and the mountain pines, in contrast to the usual, small size and grow very slowly) is amazing because in spring and autumn, her conifers are bright golden. Because of the golden color of the needles, it apparently got its name.

Pine Ophir

One of the versions of the origin of this name was voiced by one of the Forumgirls from our local garden forum: “Ophir is the name of the Biblical city from which the best gold jewelry in the world was supplied to King Solomon. In turn, the city was named after one of the sons of ancient rulers. The city of Ofir was unsuccessfully sought by many sailors, including finding it was one of the goals of the voyage of Columbus. Luxury hotels in Israel called Ofir by the same association with gold and wealth. Well, the pine Opir because of its golden autumn-winter color: gold, expensive …”.

Another feature of this “gold pine” is the red cones that appear at the top of the shoots in spring.

Pine Ophir

In summer the needles turn green, and the pine tree acquires the usual for most conifers green and emerald color.

But already in August the needles’ tips gradually begin to turn yellow. The combination of emerald and gold in the rays of the sun – a spectacle unforgettable!

Pine Ophir

In infancy, this pine has the shape of a ball. The main trunk is not pronounced, the side twigs look up. Even not very neat originally bush quickly gets the right shape, so it does not require a forming cut.

With age, the shape of the tree changes and becomes conical. According to different sources, this pine grows to a maximum of 60-80 cm in height. But this growth it reaches after 20-25 years.

Ofir looks great in company with other conifers and deciduous plants.

Pine Ophir
Like all pines, pine Ophir likes sand and gravel soils and the sun. In the shade her needles will remain green and she will lose all her exclusivity.

Plant this “gold pine”, and it will not leave indifferent neither you, nor your guests!