31 August 2020

How to replant houseplants – easy guide

If you have a desire to replant houseplants, first make sure that the plant really needs it. We will tell you how to carry out this procedure without harming your green pet. Start by inspecting the pot and plants to replant houseplants First of all, carefully examine the pot of the plant. If you notice the roots sticking out of the drain hole, it means […]

31 August 2020

How to make yeast fertilizer for indoor plants

I once talked at a flower forum with other participants. They were worried that their home flowers started to grow badly, and they were looking for a way to fix it. I suggested that they try to use yeast fertilizer to feed the plants, making sure that it would have a very good effect on the appearance of the flowers. Now i would like to […]

31 August 2020

Experince of growing begonias – how to grow begonias at home

My experience of growing begonias: I’ve had 4 decorative-leaf begonias for a long time: Begonia heracleifolia, 2 kinds of Begonia bowerae and Begonia masoniana. These beauties are a real home decoration! It so happened, that after many experiments on breeding begonia only they survived, and so they remained. Growing begonias – Begonia Masoniana The most capricious of my collection is Begonia Masoniana. It’ s been […]

31 August 2020

How to Multiply Gloxinia: The Secret to Rapid Tuber Germination

I hope you will enjoy this beautiful plant and will learn how to multiply Gloxinia. The first time I saw it, I immediately fell in love with this interesting plant. Every spring, I grow new varieties of gloxinia from seeds I bought at the store. And I don’t reproduce my homemade gloxenia in the usual way. That’s what I want to tell you about. How […]

31 August 2020

How to simplify garden care – 7 golden rules for a”lazy” gardener

When you read the instructions for growing a crop, you think how to simplify garden care and you are terrified of how much trouble it takes. In fact, it turns out that many plants are quite tolerant of mistakes or carelessness. For a real gardener, working in beds is a pleasure and joy. But there is not much time for a working garden owner: On […]

28 April 2020

85 Backyard Pavilion Ideas and Styles

What is backyard pavilion and where did it come from? Outdoor pavilion is a small houses with all the necessary attributes (walls, doors and windows, secure roof). If you install a fireplace, it can be used throughout the year. Here you can find beautiful backyard pavilion ideas. A bit of history.  Outdoor pavilion came from Europe. In many countries, it is considered an integral part […]