to simplify garden care
31 August 2020

How to simplify garden care – 7 golden rules for a”lazy” gardener

By Christopher Brickell

When you read the instructions for growing a crop, you think how to simplify garden care and you are terrified of how much trouble it takes. In fact, it turns out that many plants are quite tolerant of mistakes or carelessness.

For a real gardener, working in beds is a pleasure and joy. But there is not much time for a working garden owner: On weekends, if lucky.

How to simplify garden care? I will try to put together a lot of advice and experience and compile a ” Garden Guide for the lazy gardener “. We’ll start with seven basic rules.

1. Revive your greed to simplify garden care

Sunset Over Pumpkin Patch

How difficult it is for a modern gardeners to limit themselves in buying seeds and seedlings!
Numerous real and online shops offer: dozens of varieties of vegetables, all kinds of flowers, exotic plants. It is impossible to stop. And we buy a bunch of bright bags every spring.And then there is a problem, the scale of which depends on the magnitude of greed: how to plant everything bought, and most importantly – where to find time.

If you feel you’re not doing well in your garden, stop. Even better, make a clear shopping plan before you even go to the garden centre.

planting flowers

Answer honestly whether you really need 100500 tomato varieties, an incomprehensible plant whose name you can’t remember and are trying to find by sight. A reduced range of plants will be better cared for and there will be enough time for everyone. And you will still have the strength to admire your garden, which can be very difficult.

2. Choose plants that require little care to simplify garden care

Cabbage seedlings in farmer's hands

If you have decided that taking care of your garden is not the only thing that attracts you, take a critical look at your plot. Give up on plants that require a lot of trouble. In flowerbeds, give preference to perennial plants that have been in the same place for a long time without transplanting.

For example, plant botanicals instead of large flowering variety tulips. Of course, they are humbler than their garden brethren. But firstly, there is also a lot of variety in shape and colour among the varieties on sale now, and secondly, botanical tulips are fashionable.

3. Consider the frost resistance of the plants to simplify garden care

Do not try to grow pineapples in the Arctic Circle in the open air: it will be of little use, and spend your energy, nerves and time decently.If you do not want to spend plenty of time in autumn behind the construction of shelters for plants.

Plants protection from frost by fir branches in the winter garden.

In addition to the time and effort saved, get a bonus: In spring you do not need to think where to put tens of meters of shelter material until the next use.

4. Plant less seedlings to simplify garden care

Not all vegetables need to be planted on the window sill. Cabbage, for example, can be grown in a greenhouse or even sown directly to a permanent place. And believe me: cabbage will only get better. It won’t stretch in the warmth of the room, and it won’t get sick during the transplant. Strong and hardened seedlings are less damaged by cruciferous fleas and other pests.

woman chooses petunia flowers at garden plant nursery store
Apart from the cabbage, you don’t need too hard conditions for onions if you grow leeks and onions from seeds.

5. Buy seedlings to simplify garden care

Of course, you can think that self-grown seedlings are guarantee that there will be no sorts, infections and other problems. But if you buy seeds, then you can not guarantee purity anyway – and incomprehensible varieties instead of desired at the time of purchase can get, and so do the pains.

to simplify garden care

Find a reliable manufacturer, and your garden and flower garden will only please. After all, a professional approach to growing seedlings is the right temperature, lighting and humidity, which is almost impossible to provide in an apartment.

6. Get a handy tool to simplify garden care

You need a good tool in any case. It doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. But comfortable, ergonomic and reliable, it’s essential.

Row of gardening tools to simplify garden care

The secateurs or garden shears must cut, the garden saw must saw, the handle must not slide off the trowel. A rake, shovel or hook needs to be matched to your height. Also, garden tools need to be different and fit for the job, so it is better to get enough of them.

A handy tool saves time and effort. A model or a variety should be matched to suit your needs.

7. Take advantage of technological advances to simplify garden care

Garden farming is generally considered to be archaic. However, the achievements of modern technology can be disproved. For example, you can use a heating cable to heat a greenhouse: and there will be no trouble with returnable frosts, and you will get an early harvest.

Drip irrigation is another useful invention for gardeners that saves time and effort. You don’t need to run with a watering can – just turn the tap. And the installed automatics will allow you to forget even about this little thing.