how to replant houseplants
31 August 2020

How to replant houseplants – easy guide

By Christopher Brickell

If you have a desire to replant houseplants, first make sure that the plant really needs it. We will tell you how to carry out this procedure without harming your green pet.

Start by inspecting the pot and plants to replant houseplants

how to replant houseplants

repotting plant. hand

First of all, carefully examine the pot of the plant. If you notice the roots sticking out of the drain hole, it means that the flower pot has become too small and it is time for it to go to its new “home”. A transplant is also needed if the soil in the pot is sour, or if there is an unpleasant smell from it, or if you have not transplanted the plant for a long time, because the soil has the property to deplete over time.

In addition, be sure to look at the plant itself. If it is affected by disease or has become a parasite, it is important to make sure that at least the roots are all right. Dry, damaged or rotten areas need to be removed and lively and healthy roots need to be treated with special medication. The same should be done with the above-ground part of the plant.

In addition, do not forget that diseased plants should be quarantined.

Prepare the soil and the transplant tank to replant houseplants

how to replant houseplants

Before transplanting to the bottom of the pot it is necessary to lay a drainage layer made of expanded clay (its thickness should be about 3 cm). If the plant in the old pot was cramped, choose a new one 2-3 cm thicker than the previous one (in diameter).

When choosing the soil for a flower, be aware of its nutritional value and acidity (usually there are recommendations for each plant). In addition, the soil should be decontaminated.

A transplant or a transshipment?

how to replant houseplants

If you perform a transshipment or partial transfer of a plant, try not to destroy the earthball. If you plan a complete transplant, the roots of the green pet must be freed from the ground. This is convenient to do with a sharp stick. Or you can soak the root ball in water beforehand. The roots have to be untangled just before the transplant.

When transplanting beautifully blooming plants, you need to thicken the soil strongly and leave the soil loose for room flowers with ornamental leaves.

Do not only fertilise plant with mineral fertilisers but also with organic fertilisers. Then in the near future the transplanted plants will delight you and fascinate you with their beauty.

That’s how you replant houseplants