how to multiply Gloxinia
31 August 2020

How to Multiply Gloxinia: The Secret to Rapid Tuber Germination

By Christopher Brickell

I hope you will enjoy this beautiful plant and will learn how to multiply Gloxinia. The first time I saw it, I immediately fell in love with this interesting plant.

Every spring, I grow new varieties of gloxinia from seeds I bought at the store. And I don’t reproduce my homemade gloxenia in the usual way. That’s what I want to tell you about.

how to multiply Gloxinia
How to multiply Gloxinia

It’s simple: I take a transparent plastic container, pour a layer of vermiculite 3-5 cm thick on the bottom, moisturize it and put the Gloxinia tubers on top, not drowning them in vermiculite.

Then I close the container with a transparent lid and put it on the window sill. Every day I ventilate the “greenhouse” and on cloudy days I light up the plants with an ordinary table lamp. In 2 weeks I will not recognize the tubers of Gloxinia! They germinate all at once and much faster than in a pot of ground. What’s more, these tubers have time to grow good roots.

how to multiply Gloxinia

After that, I plant the seedlings in individual pots without shaking the roots off the vermiculite. From my own experience, I know that gloxinia should have only one growth point, the rest must be broken out (by the way, broken out sprouts can also be rooted).

The fact is that extra points of growth will start to slow down the development of plants, their leaves will be small and flowering – scarce.

How to prepare the soil for the planting of gloxinia

I prepare the soil for planting myself: I mix garden soil, humus, sand, vermiculite and charcoal. In doing so, I preheat the ground and sand in the oven carefully.

how to multiply Gloxinia

A month after transplanting the plants into individual pots, I feed them with diluted complex fertiliser.

In October I send the tubers for rest right in pots (I keep them under the bed), occasionally inspect and water. In spring, the plants wake up and the life of the gloxenium continues again.

That’s how to multiply Gloxinia in an easy way!