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31 August 2020

How to grow cyclamen at home: how to care for it and when to transplant

By Christopher Brickell

If you want to know how to grow cyclamen at home, you have to know secrets of cyclamen care.

Cyclamen is a genus of perennial herbaceous plants. The genus has 20 species that naturally grow in the Mediterranean and North-East Africa. The most common in culture are Cyclamen coum, Cyclamen hederifolium, as well as indoor Cyclamen persicum and Cyclamen purpurascens. Thanks to the ornamental qualities of the flowers, many species of cyclamens grow as garden and indoor plants.

How to grow cyclamen – Secrets of cyclamen care

how to grow cyclamen

With proper and careful care, the cyclamen will delight you with flowering from September to March.

The cyclamen is quite demanding in terms of temperature. It needs cool rooms, where in summer the temperature does not exceed +20 … +25 ° C. Optimal temperature range for the content of most cyclamen is +13 … +17 ° C.

These plants are badly tolerated both rise and fall of temperature, so the thermometer indicator in the room where they are kept, should not fall below +10 ° C.

How to grow cyclamen – Watering

Woman watering flowers in greenhouse

Watering the cyclamen requires regular and sufficient, but not excessive. Watering these plants should be careful not to wet the root neck: it can lead to the development of a fungal disease – grey rot, especially dangerous during the active growth of the cyclamen.

It’s best to water the cyclamen from below the pot. To do this, place the pot in a container of room temperature water and hold it in it until the top layer of soil is moistened. Then you should take out the pot, let excess moisture run off and put it back in place.

Cyclamen also need high humidity, so pots with these plants should be kept on damp pebbles. Reproduce the cyclamen with both tubers and seeds.

How to transplant cyclamen

The cycle is usually transplanted at the end of the rest period, before the start of active vegetation once or twice a year, when the pot becomes tight for it. This can be determined by measuring the distance from the edge of the tuber to the wall of the pot – it should be 2-3 cm.

Woman watering flowers in greenhouse
The bottom of the pot should be filled with drainage, for this purpose the best fit is expanded clay. Then a layer of fresh substrate should be poured, consisting of one part of coarse sand and two parts of organic fraction (leafy peat, peat, etc.). The bulb of the cyclamen together with the earth coma is transferred into the pot prepared in this way and two thirds of it is covered with fresh substrate, gently tamped.

I hope you learned here how to grow cyclamen at home.