How to grow a coffee tree
31 August 2020

How to grow a coffee tree at home – Sharing experience

By Christopher Brickell

Three years ago my friends brought me a little cutter and coffee seeds. And my experiment began.

How to grow a coffee tree from the seeds

How to grow a coffee tree

  • Wash the seeds cleaned of pulp in a mild solution of manganese.
  • Fill the boxes to a height of 5-8 cm with loose substrate from sod soil, leafy peregnoya and sand.
  • Put the seeds flat on top of the soil, water them and cover them with glass.
  • Keep the box of seeds at a temperature of +20 … +28°C.
  • In 8 weeks the seeds will spring up. When two real leaves appear, plant the plants in separate pots.

How to grow a coffee tree from a cutter

How to grow a coffee tree
It was harder with the cuttings – root formation lasted 4 months. At first, the cutting edge was held in a root formation stimulator. Then I planted it in a mixture of pearlite and sieved peat, the cutter buried half in the substrate. After planting, I poured it with diluted manganese solution and erected a so-called mini-glass in the pot.

The coffee pot was placed on a light place protected from direct sunlight and maintained a stable high temperature (optimal +25 … +27 ° C). The created mini-plate was regularly ventilated by spraying the coffee stalk.

Coffee tree care

How to grow a coffee tree
Further care of the coffee tree is little different from standard care of any other potted plant. Coffee likes a lot of light, but not direct beams, but diffuse beams. Another coffee tree prefers humid air. To maintain sufficient humidity, I used a humidifier, a water tray or regular spraying. If there is not enough moisture, the leaf tips begin to dry out and curl up. I also regularly wiped the leaves from dust.

Water the plant as needed. The ground in the pot should always be slightly moist, but not dirty or dry. I watered it more often in summer, with soft water at room temperature. In winter, watering was reduced, but still I periodically moistened the ground so that it did not dry out.

In spring and summer, when there is a period of active growth and flowering, coffee needs feeding. During this period, the plant was fed every 2 weeks, used a complex mineral fertilizer. I stopped doing it from the second half of autumn until next spring.

That’s how to grow a coffee tree.