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A bar added to a home makes for a great place to entertain family and friends. But not all homes can have this area especially those with limited space such as apartments and condos.

For homeowners lucky to have their most desired bar, it is well worth the effort to make this space as attractive and comfortable as it can be. This should be kept foremost in mind notably if the bar is often used.

Assuming you've just moved to a new house with an existing bar, you can always decide to remodel it to suit your personal style. It's nice to engage in a remodeling project as it lets out one's creativity and unique ideas.

Renovating your bar does not mean it has to follow the theme of your living room or kitchen where it is located. Break the rules if you wish and make that area a stand out. Just make sure to use color themes that encourage comfort and relaxation.

The color should be the first consideration for your remodeling project. You do not have to use just a single shade because you can experiment with two or more colors that complement each other or even contrasting hues.

The main bar structure typically made up of a counter higher than a standard table should be your first priority. To determine how much space you'll take up, first measure the total area where you will position the bar. Make a floor plan if possible to give you a bird's eye view. From there, you can decide on the measurement of your home bar and what shape you will have.

The stools are important components as well. These can be the swivel or the stationary type, plain or upholstered with fabrics or leather depending on your preference. Remember you have to create a comfortable place and putting seats around the bar is the right step.

Do not forget the storage space for your wines and different types of glassware from the wine glass to the mugs and tumblers. It would be a good idea to store your glassware at the bar area for convenience.

Once the two most important structures are in place, you can install additional fixtures such as the bar rails which are the trend these days. These can be the hand rails to provide a resting place for the hands and the foot rails to provide comfort to the feet. But other than promoting comfort to people using the bar, these rails are also perfect beauty enhancers.

For the rails, you have a wide choice in terms of the material to use. There's wood, aluminum, brass and metal such as stainless steel. They can also be of varied shapes from the standard round tubing to the square and ribbed among others.

Before ordering these materials, you need to measure the area of ​​the bar where you will install them. Installation is easy and can be a do-it-yourself project as well. These bar rails are installed using the brackets which are then screwed to the main structure.

These are only the basic ideas but you can still further improve your home bar by adding lighting and an audio-video system.

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