Category: Readers Experience

30 September 2020

Pine Ophir, growing experience

I’d like to share my experince with pine Ophir. In 2016, I thought of building a coniferous corner on my site, and I began to choose plants for it: junipers, thuja, spruce, pines, When we began to form an order for spring 2017, one of the girls offered to pay attention to the mountain pine Ophir. Seeing it in the photo on the Internet, I […]

25 September 2020

Autumn – how to plant bulbs

In autumn it is customary to plant bulbs or bulbous flowers to enjoy their beautiful flowering in spring. I want to share my experience in planting onion flowers. I will plant tulips, hyacinths and crocuses. Hyacinths left a gift for March 8, and their crocuses. First, prepared a place for landing, a little thickened and poured river sand. Then decomposed the large bulbs. Then again […]

25 September 2020

How to prepare chrysanthemums for wintering

Autumn chrysanthemums are very attractive and beautiful flowers, but they can be capricious. How to prepare chrysanthemums for wintering?They delight us with their beauty for a year or two and then disappear – either extinct in winter, or else that they do not like in our garden. Actually, chrysanthemums are considered perennial flowers, but not everyone lives long. Previously I had 26 varieties of different […]