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6 May 2020

How To Grow Rhododendrons — Useful tips and landscaping ideas

What is rhododendron? In this article we tell you how to grow Rhododendrons and share with you Rhododendrons landscaping design ideas. Rhododendron is a member of the Ericaceae family. This genus is represented by shrubs and trees, which are deciduous, semi-leaved and evergreen.  According to various sources, this genus unites 800-1300 species, including azaleas, which are very popular among flower growers. The name of this […]

30 April 2020

How To Grow Salvia – Useful tips and landscaping ideas

What is salvia? Salvia is a group of graceful plants. In total there are about 900 species of it. In this article we’ll share with you how to grow salvia, care for it. How to choose soil and place for planting. Learn about Salvia’s healing powers and landscaping design ideas. In the wild they were found in South America, southern Europe, North Africa and North […]