Category: Design ideas

29 September 2020

6 best plants for children’s room

Properly selected 6 best plants for children’s room create a special microclimate in the room, soothe the child, collect extra dust and fill the air with delicate scents and oxygen. These colors have special requirements: they must not be poisonous, prickly, strongly smelling or capable of causing allergies. Therefore, the task of selecting potted plants for children is very nontrivial. However, we coped with it […]

28 September 2020

How to set up a fireplace at a cottage

A man is probably drawn to the fire from the cave times. If you like to sit by the fire, look at the flames, cook something on, keep reading out article on how to set up a fireplace. And if a massive structure is not part of your plans – at least for now – you can start with a small: to organize a place […]

31 August 2020

Decorative idea for an autumn Scandinavian style tea party

This time we would like to tell you about Scandinavian style tea party. Hurry up, before the autumn has not yet fully entered into its rights, to try a few more techniques of decoration of your homestead. In parallel with how you will enjoy the decoration, we ask you to make a list of items that would be necessary to equip such a paradise Scandinavian […]

31 August 2020

How to decor English style garden tea party

Here is a great example of how the decoration of a garden tea party can completely change the mood for a day or even just for the evening. If you look carefully at the courtyard itself, you will see that its Mediterranean style is very different from the proposed theme – English tea drinking, in the style of the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland”. So […]

31 August 2020

How to grow Alocasia – Sharing experience

It is very interesting for me to observe and learn the world of gorgeous tropical plants on my window sill. Of particular interest to me was Alocásia. its magnificent leaves with a burgundy underside sparkle with black-green velvet, on which white convex pearlescent stain is painted veins-“spiders” in the middle. Just a miracle! How to grow Alocasia I grew my Alocasia from the cuttings of […]

28 April 2020

85 Backyard Pavilion Ideas and Styles

What is backyard pavilion and where did it come from? Outdoor pavilion is a small houses with all the necessary attributes (walls, doors and windows, secure roof). If you install a fireplace, it can be used throughout the year. Here you can find beautiful backyard pavilion ideas. A bit of history.  Outdoor pavilion came from Europe. In many countries, it is considered an integral part […]