28 April 2020

85 Backyard Pavilion Ideas and Styles

By Christopher Brickell

What is backyard pavilion and where did it come from?

 cozy backyard pavilion

Backyard pavilion

Outdoor pavilion is a small houses with all the necessary attributes (walls, doors and windows, secure roof). If you install a fireplace, it can be used throughout the year. Here you can find beautiful backyard pavilion ideas.

modern outdoor pavilion

A bit of history.  Outdoor pavilion came from Europe. In many countries, it is considered an integral part of a spacious garden and backyard area. Also, there is another reason why the popularity of the outdoor pavilions is so high. In the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria, only close people are invited to the house. The rest of the guests are welcomed outdoor, in the pavilion.

Outdoor pavilion with fireplac4

Outdoor pavilion

The summer pavilion is a universal building that allows you to show your fantasy. For those who would like to build a outdoor pavilion, you will find many useful information and backyard pavilion design ideas.

2 basic types of pavilions

pool house outdoor

Depending on the design features, operating time, backyard pavilion plans can be:

  • Open. As you have already guessed, comfortable rest in such building is possible only in warm time. But in winter pavilions are empty. And owners often cover it with polyethylene film or similar material for protection.

open vinyl pavilion with fireplace

  • Closed. If summer constructions are used during vacation periods, then off-season constructions are perfectly suitable for autumn and winter. In addition, it is closed, cozy and warm. It has solid walls, a secure roof, has windows and entrance doors.

wooden backyard pavilion

Whatever type of outdoor pergola you choose, they all have a number of advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of an open outdoor pavilion:

  • First of all, due to the huge variety of sizes, styles and materials, an open pavilion can be selected for any country house.
  • Secondly, this is the most budget version. It can even be built with your own hands.
  • You practically are not separated from nature.
  • An open pavilion provides excellent protection from sun and rain in warm weather.

beautiful backyard patio

open pavilion with fireplace

The disadvntages of an open backyard pavilion

backyard pavilion from wood


The main disadvantage of open conversations is that cold and wind, dust or insects will bother you  all the time.

Advantages of a closed outdoor pavilion:

  • The ability to fully protect yourself from the whims of the weather at any time of year.
  • A wider choice of furnishings and decor – from electronic furniture to rugs and paintings.
  • Ability to organize heating and a backyard pavilion with fireplace.
  • Easily can be turned into a guest house if needed.
  • Ability to use it as full kitchens and dining rooms all year round.

closed pavilion

black outdoor gazebo

The disadvntages of a closed backyard pavilion

  • A higher price.
  • The need to lay the foundation.
  • It takes more space and reuiriments.
  • Lack of special unity with nature, which is typical for open-type pavilions.

modern pavilion from wood

glass beautiful pavilion

The structure of a pavilion

consists of four main parts:

  • floor;
  • frame;
  • roofs;
  • finishings.

Backyard pavilion can be:

  • stationary – for it use concrete, brick, wooden beams, iron corners and pipes, slate;

wooden backyard gazebo

open pavilion

  • portable – the material can be PVC pipes, aluminum structures, polycarbonate, tarpaulin awning;

pvc outdoor pavilion


  • collapsible – can be dismantled completely or only the frame can be left stationary;

  • grown – trees instead of the frame and curly plants instead of walls and roof are planted to create it.

green backyard pavilion

Building techology of outdoor pavilion

First you need to choose a place where you’ll build a backyard pavilion. It can be attached to the house, shed or fence, be in a secluded corner, be a separation structure between the courtyard and garden, be opposite the kitchen windows of the house or near the pool.

Pavilion scheme

Then find out the composition of the soil: black, gray, sandy, peaty, clayey. It will depend on what floor is needed and whether it is needed at all. Then you choose the material from which the frame will be made. You make drawings of the floor, frame and roof taking into account the size of the material to be purchased.

Pavilion floor

The work starts with cleaning the place. With the help of roulette you make markings as planned. For this purpose the pegs are driven into the ground, on which the kapron thread is stretched.

how to make backyard pavilion floor

If the soil is sandy, remove the top fertile layer of soil to the sand, and the perimeter should be covered with the same sand. On such base, you can simply put the boards impregnated with protective compounds. The service life of such floor is short, but it is easy to replace.

how to build backyard pavilion floor

Perimeter can be covered with fine gravel or the floor plane can be laid with well impregnated wooden hemps 10-15 cm thick. The hemps are poured over with sand mixed with fine gravel.

If there is a natural stone in the area where one side is flat, you can lay the floor out of it. Brick or pavement tiles are also suitable. You can lay them on the joints (dry cement mortar) using rubber kiyanka for leveling.

backyard pavilion floor from concrete

Installation of the floor

One way to install the floor, if the pergola is fixed, is to pour it with concrete. This will be one of the foundation options. This approach makes it possible to use the casting as a finishing floor and as a rough base on which tiles or wooden floor slabs are placed. The thickness of the casting should be at least 8 cm.

On the perimeter, after cleaning the top layer of the ground, the formwork from the edging board is put. It is simply inserted along the edges, and after the concrete has hardened, you remove it. For durability and strength, you make a base of gravel or sand and trampled it well with water. Such a base will act as a drainage.

backyard pavilion perimeter

The pegs are cut from 8-10 mm diameter iron rebar and driven into the ground after 0.5-1 m to fasten the bundles from the same rebar. The supports are tied with burned wire. Prepare a standard mortar of concrete: cement, sand, crushed stone in the proportion of 1/3/6.

Pour the perimeter, tamped in the pouring process to avoid air bubbles. If a backyard pavilion is closed for use in the cold, you can make a warm cement floor. For this purpose, when mixing the mortar, add wood chips instead of gravel.

Filling the floor

Filling the floor is quite a time-consuming process. It is much easier and faster to apply a column foundation. It is the most common type of stationary installation. A wooden floor is placed on it or it is simply used for fixing the frame, and the floor can be any type.

Variety of raw materials used for a post foundation:

  • Asbestos cement or metal pipes. Large diameter PVC pipes can be used. With the help of a construction drill make a hole in the location of the pillars of the frame and fasten the pipe in it with the method of drilling or pouring concrete. The bottom of the pipe is insulated with hot resin or bituminous mastic. A wooden log is hammered into the centre of the pipe, which will be the place for fixing the horizontal or vertical frame.

Installation of metal pipes metal pipes

  • Concrete. For this purpose, a pit is dug around which the formwork is being built. For abyssal soil the depth of the pit must reach the level of ground freezing.  Inside, insert a frame which has been pre-assembled from iron reinforcement and cast in concrete. You can weld a threaded pin to the frame for fixing the outer frame.
  • Brick. In this case, the pin is hammered into the pit and laid with a brick.
  • Handy materials. For example, you can use used car tyres.

car tires used as a floor foundation car tires used as a floor foundation

They are simply placed on the cleared horizontal ground and covered with sand. They are used to assemble a horizontal frame around the perimeter of the pergola from a wooden bar, which is the basis for mounting the rest of the pergola.

Pavilion Materials

Metal pavilions

For a person who knows how to handle a welding machine, the easiest way to make a gazebo is from iron. You will need the machine itself, a level, an angle grinder and a screwdriver. Such a frame will fit under any roof. The material can be used pipes, 30×30 or 50×50 mm angles, metal strips. It can be decorated with forged spans. Polycarbonate, corrugated sheet, wood, PVC products can be easily attached to it.

iron and metal backyard pavilion iron backyard pavilioniron backyard pavilion

Wooden Pavilions

The simplest pergolas can be made from a common and affordable material – wood. It is easy to process and looks beautiful. It does not require any special construction skills, so it is suitable to build a backyard pavilion quickly with your own hands. For the owner who knows how to carpenter, you can assemble such a building without a single nail.


wood pavilion wood pavilion wood pavilion wood pavilion wood pavilion

Vinyl Pavilions

Vinyl pavilions are recommended for homeowners who don’t want to spend time restaining their outdoor structure every few years. Clad in maintenance-free vinyl, these pavilions feature heavy-duty treated pine support structures. These are the perfect poolside structures and outdoor kitchens.

vinyl pavilion vinyl pavilion vinyl pavilion vinyl pavilion vinyl pavilion


Plastic pavilion

The frame can be assembled from any handy material, such as plastic products. At plastic bottles the bottom is cut off and poles are collected, putting one bottle on top of another.  If the roof is of medium gravity, the containers are filled in stages with sand for increased strength. Such poles can simply be dug into the ground.

plastic outdoor pavilion plastic outdoor pavilion


If you cut down several trees while clearing the area, they do not need to be thrown out or burned at once. They are made into charming supports for the pergola. For this purpose, the tree is cut as low as possible on the ground, the smaller branches are removed and the thicker ones form an exclusive column. It can be installed on any floor by insulating the heel of the tree with a ruberoid or mastic. Depending on the condition of the bark and tree species, it is either removed or left and varnished.

wooden hand made gazebo gazebo hand made

Brick pavilion

Of course, the brick frame looks beautiful and reliable.  You don’t have to throw away a brick at all, because it will make a good gazebo. However, for simple buildings, this option is not suitable, but saving money and good quality is guaranteed.

brick backyard pavilion brick backyard pavilion brick backyard pavilion

Roof for a backyard pavilion

The roof can be light, medium and heavy. Dense woven fabrics, awnings, polyethylene are suitable for a light roof. It is not necessary to make a frame for them. The advantages of such structures are simplicity and speed of installation, but the design and functionality leaves much to be desired.

Natural materials are suitable for a light stationary roof. It can be covered with reeds or small hay sheaves, woven with hazelnut vines. The covering made of live climbing plants will perfectly protect you from sunlight and wind, but will not help to hide from rain.

pavilion light green roof

For medium roof you can use such materials as roofing felt, polycarbonate, plastic slate and bituminous shingles are considered to be of medium weight. Most often these are single-pitch roof coverings. For roofing felt and shingles you need a complete roof frame, and for the plastic slate you need only guide rails. Polycarbonate has the size of 2,1×6 m, it is enough to fix it at the edges or partially. It is dense enough, but easily bent and colored. The disadvantage of such roofs will be only the rattle of rain drops.

medium pavilion roof pavilion roof

Heavy roofs are a classic version of the roof. It’s not a simple roof, but it will allow you to use the pergola all year round.

green backyard pavilon wooden backyard gazebo

Important information about shape and dimensions

When developing the project, we pay special attention:

  • Size of the construction.
  • Shape. It is no secret that the gazebo for the summer house can be not only round and rectangular, but also six-, octahedral.

pool backyard outside pavilion

The dimensions of the pavilion  area are influenced by such parameters:

  • The area of the territory.
  • The designer’s idea and your personal vision of the building.
  • The number of people that you are ready to accept at home at one time. A medium sized pavilion can accommodate 6-8 people at a time.
  • Comfort and functionality.
  • Material capabilities of the homeowner. Of course, a huge building with an exotic roof and glazing will cost more than the classics.

backyard outside pavilion

Convenient location of the pavilion

The owners of large land areas are lucky because they are not limited in the size of the future construction. And there are more options for location. On the other hand, you start to get lost and confused, experiencing difficulties in choosing the best place.

Our recommendations will help you decide on the location:

Since the main purpose of the pavilion is rest, you should install it in a picturesque place. For example, near beautiful trees or a pond. Pleasant landscapes around will promote cozy conversation and relaxation.

Backyard pavilion ideas in a beutiful place

backyard pavilion design backyard pavilion design backyard pavilion design backyard pavilion design backyard pavilion design


Glass backyard pavilion ideas

The glazed variant does not always save from summer heat. To feel comfortable even at +30 outside the window, we recommend building a pergola in the shade of trees or large shrubs.

black glass outdoor pavilon wooden backyard pavilion modern wooden backyard pavlion backyard pavilion at nght wooden backyard pavilion brick backyard pavilion modern backyard glass pavilon black modern pavilion backyard house inexpensive backyard pavilion


Backyard pavilions ideas with fireplace

When you’re going to set up a fireplace or a barbecue, think about where the smoke will go in advance. Otherwise, you may choose the wrong place for the charcoal grill – and all the smoke from the hearth will get into the living room.

backyard pavilion with firepalce backyard pavilion with firepalce backyard pavilion with firepalce backyard pavilion with firepalce backyard pavilion with firepalce backyard pavilion with firepalce

backyard pavilion with firepalce backyard pavilion with firepalce backyard pavilion with firepalce backyard pavilion with firepalce backyard pavilion with firepalce backyard pavilion with firepalce backyard pavilion with firepalce backyard pavilion with firepalce backyard pavilion with firepalce

Barbecue backyard pavilion ideas

Bbq backyard pavilion Bbq backyard pavilion Bbq backyard pavilion Bbq backyard pavilion Bbq backyard pavilion Bbq backyard pavilion Bbq backyard pavilion Bbq backyard pavilion Bbq backyard pavilion Bbq backyard pavilion


 5 unsuccessful options for placement of the pavilion:

  • In the corner of the manor area.
  • At the entrance to the garden with trees.
  • On a hill. Even if it is small, the pergola will look very advantageous and catchy. Especially if you look at it from a distance.
  • On the coast of a pond.
  • If your plot borders the forest, you’re very lucky. Set up a gazebo on the border of the territory – and delightful scenery is guaranteed. From all points it will have a very advantageous angle.

Indoor space of an outdoor pavilion

indoor design for a backyard pavilion

As mentioned above, pavilions do not need to be freestanding structures. They often act as annexes, serving as a supporting wall. However, it is equally important to create not only a pleasant external environment, but also a cozy interior. The glazed version only partially solves this issue. Modern pergolas are decorated with a variety of furniture:

indoor design for a backyard pavilion

  • Air chairs, soft sofas.
  • Amazing garden kits made of rattan.
  • Wooden table, benches made in rustic style.
  • A pair of hammocks.
  • Rocking-chair.

indoor design for a backyard pavilion

Small decorative elements such as flowers in pots, decorations on the walls and so on will help to make your rest full.
indoor design for a backyard pavilion Even if you do not have time to plan or create a pavilion-aisle with your own hands, you should not deny yourself the pleasure. You can turn to specialists who are engaged in professional development and production of pavilion-tents. They present their developments in online stores, but there are also retail outlets. Availability of additional and absolutely simple instructions will allow you to cope with the installation in a matter of days. Dimensions, prices vary in wide ranges, which greatly simplifies the choice.

To sum up

beautiful open kitchen pavilion

To build a backyard pavilion is really an art. After all, in addition to project development, choice of place and purchase of materials, it is important to invest in the construction of the soul, to give yourself to the process in full. But the result of the work will definitely please you. On your site there will be a place where you can invite friends and acquaintances, to drink a cup of coffee and even celebrate a family holiday. We wish you  success!