29 September 2020

6 best plants for children’s room

By Christopher Brickell

Properly selected 6 best plants for children’s room create a special microclimate in the room, soothe the child, collect extra dust and fill the air with delicate scents and oxygen.

These colors have special requirements: they must not be poisonous, prickly, strongly smelling or capable of causing allergies. Therefore, the task of selecting potted plants for children is very nontrivial. However, we coped with it and chose for your children’s 12 best potted plants.

6 best plants for children’s room: Sansevieria

6 best plants for children's room

Sanseviria, or mother-in-law’s tongue, is an unpretentious plant with beautiful ornamental leaves and white small flowers. It grows well and quickly, but it likes to be cared for and often wiped down by its leaves: when the plant breathes, it cleans the air. One of the most common species is three-way sanssevieria. It has many varieties with different patterns on the leaves.

6 best plants for children’s room: Lemon

6 best plants for children's room

Lemon tree fills the air in children’s freshness, purity and lightness through the release of essential oils. It is they who, combined with air ions, destroy germs.

These properties are preserved in flowers with fruits. Absence of obvious obsessive smell and citrus essential oils will help crumb to sleep faster. Lemon refers to the exotics that can be grown from stones. The publication Lemon Tree, a corner of the southern sun in the house will tell you about personal experience of such cultivation. And about the rules of care for lemon and its “relatives”, read the article Tame a bright fruit, or How to care for citrus fruits.

6 best plants for children’s room: Kalanchoe

6 best plants for children's room


A very bright flower with many varieties and species that determine the appearance of the plant. Kalanhoe does not have a strong intrusive odor.

This plant likes bright places and is quite unpretentious.

6 best plants for children’s room: Chlorophytum

6 best plants for children's room

Air Sanitary. Absolutely unassuming, blooming small cute white flowers.

Chlorophytum, like a sponge, sucks out of the air admixtures of harmful substances, dust, giving in return pure oxygen. Not dangerous, even if you chew a leaf.

Cute striped leaves will enliven the interior, make it more cozy. Chlorophytum will not be offended if you forget to water it in time, and if you water in time, and even feed it with natural fertilizers – will grow much more leaves (respectively, the air in the nursery will be cleaner at times!).

6 best plants for children’s room: Senpolia (Saintpaulia)

6 best plants for children's room

More than one generation of children grew up next to a violet. It is not poisonous and does not require special care. Cute flowers delight the eye, and rough leaves cover the soft fluff, the baby will not hurt himself on the plant. A huge variety of new shapes and varieties will allow you to choose the color of flowers to taste and give a child’s bedroom a delicate flavor.

More information about the cultivation of indoor violets, or senpolia, will tell the article Uzambar violets – a princess of indoor floriculture!

6 best plants for children’s room: Cypress (Chamaecyparis)

This cute “herringbone” just attracts the eyes of not only children, but also adults. Cypressure extract phytoncides, destroying the pathogenic microflora in the air.

Easily cleans the air, attracting dust. But like any “chimney sweep”, he needs a regular refreshing shower, after which he is taken to work with new strength.